Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What are the health benefits of of colonics?

There are many health benefits provided by colonics, however the three that we find the most beneficial and common are:

  1. Aids in the release of toxins built up in our intestines.

  2. Helps remove the build up of heavy metals.

  3. Jump starts and empowers the immune system.

Why are colonics so important?

With colon hydrotherapy, you cleanse the colon by breaking down toxic material and removing it. We are exposed to thousands of toxins on a daily basis, through the air we breathe, foods we consume, water and other liquids we hydrate with, not to mention the amounts of highly refined foods and sugar-fuelled products we consume everyday. More than 90% of our health issues are caused from what we put in our bodies, and the end result ends up storing in our bowels. If you think about it - we brush our teeth twice a day every day, and still go to the dentist twice a year for a check up and deeper cleaning - your colon needs the same attention. Through colon cleaning you are reducing the amount of old toxins building up in the body. By removing these toxins you are supporting the body in what it is supposed to do - absorb nutrients which keep you feeling at your upmost best.

Is this a safe procedure?

Yes, all of the equipment we use is sterilized & disposable, even the shorts we provide to you for your comfort and privacy. We use the Aquanet 2000 in all of our procedures, and it has an adapter and shut-off mechanism called the Applied Pressure Sensing Technonolgy (APST) that never allows the system to exert any harmful pressure on your colon. Your therapist is in the room during your procedure, ensuring you receive the best possible experience and upmost comfort.

For a further safeguard, all rooms including the washroom is cleaned after each room using Virox Accel TB Wipes, which provide a superior speed of disinfection with a rapid contact time of 1 minute for bacteria and *viruses, including Norovirus. We are the ONLY clinic to take the time and implement this measure.

In addition, we also triple filter all water used in each procedure to give you the upmost sterilization and comfort for each procedure.

How long will my first session take?

The first session includes a consultation and a review of your health history that typically takes 90 minutes. This includes time for you to complete your health form, walk you through the procedure and complete an actual session (typically takes 35 - 45 minutes, or your required time). There is plenty of time to answer any questions you may have to ensure you have the best experience possible & ensure your total comfort and understanding of the procedure. Follow up treatments afterwards are about 35 - 45 minutes, and will be out of the clinic in under an hour.

What about suppositories or LAXATIVES? Do they do the same thing?

Suppositories are intended to stimulate a bowel movement when constipation is already present and will only empty a small portion from the large intestine.

Laxatives, natural or ‘prescribed’, are just major irritants towards your colon. All forms of laxatives are temporary measures only, typically leading you to need larger quantities over time and eventually leading you to dependency.

Will one session empty my colon completely? How much is actually ‘cleaned’ during a colonic session?

One session is a great start, but no, it will not empty it completely. Many of us have impacted stool that has hardened and taken a wallpaper-like form in our colon walls, where this takes time and plenty of water to break away from the walls. Each persons situation is different according to your end goal and any health issues that may contribute to your impacted stool. In terms of how much of the colon will be cleansed, this depends entirely on the amount of waste packed into your colon along with your hydration level. A good session would be equivalent to 20-25 bowel movements.

Are colonics painful?

Although this may be uncomfortable, at no point will the procedure be painful. Cramping or the strong urge to release is a healthy sign telling us that the colon is working and doing its job to move the waste out of the body. Most people leave feeling lighter, cleaner & clear.

Is it embarrassing?

We’d like to say no, but like anything it totally depends on the person. But rest assured, unless you bring a guest, support, or cheering section (it happens…), it is just you and your therapist in a private room. You will be wearing disposable shorts, which provide you with comfort and privacy during your session. Some people do get embarrassed when they first see their poop float by, but just think of it as your personal Oscar winning performance.

What kinds of supplements should I take after my session?

Immediately after your session, we provide you with a probiotic drink to replenish the good bacteria in your system. Products we usually recommend include fibre, probiotics and digestive enzymes, but each person will be different and every experience will vary. For your convenience we carry these products for purchase at the clinic, saving you a trip to a health food store.

After my session, whats my next step?

Once the colon is clean and restored, it would be ideal to keep it that way. Life happens, stuff happens, dietary slips happen - so coming in for maintenance is ideal. The best time to cleanse is when the seasons change.

Will I become dependent on them?

No, actually quite the opposite; colonics have a toning effect on the colon. They stimulate the muscles and remind them how to work on their own.

Is this covered by my OHIP plan?

While the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover Naturopathic visits, visits to The Colon Clinic & Health Centre are paid for by some health insurance plans provided by employers. Colon Hydrotherapy sessions can also be claimed on Canadian taxes as medical expenses.