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Who We Are

Our Commitment to Your Health

Since 2007, The Colon Clinic and Healing Centre has been helping clients regain their health, using the premier professional colon therapy equipment, the Aquanet 2000. The Aquanet 2000 offers a combination of therapies, using both gravity and pressure. All water used is triple filtered for additional sanitization in each procedure. The machine has an adapter and shut-off mechanism (Applied Pressure Sensing Technology or APST) that never allows it to exert harmful pressure on your colon.

For your added protection, we use disposable speculums and clothing for each client, and include a pro-biotic drink after your colonic to help replace the good bacteria in your system.

The Clinic has two rooms to serve you, which makes it easy for friends or family to come together!

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Our Team

Tracy Howard
Tracy has experienced the positive changes that colonics can bring first-hand, which led to the opening of The Colon Clinic and Healing Centre in 2007. Several years ago, Tracy was involved in a serious car accident, which left her with extensive injuries. To heal herself she relied first on her background in nursing, but also began to explore alternative healing, leading her to colon hydrotherapy. Seeing the results and learning the theory behind the process ignited her passion to turn this love into a career, and in 2007 Tracy completed her certification and founded The Colon Clinic and Healing Centre. Armed with this new arsenal of knowledge, building on her years of nursing and with a desire to help others, Tracy has now treated thousands of clients, helping them in their journey to regain their health. In return, these clients have helped Tracy learn more and more about how various illnesses and medications impact our body and the best healing elements to use in various complex situations. “Not many people get to go to work every day loving what they do and be able to give the gift of health to those in need, and for that I will be forever grateful.” Tracy’s dedication to her clients and passion for what she does oozes out her pores; she is continually researching products and elements that can be incorporated into treatments to provide the maximum benefit to our clients and has made it her mission that every client receives the best possible care that she can provide.