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Healthy Habits

The Colon Clinics Five Essential tips for Regaining Healthy Bowel Movements:
1. Colonics is the first step to thoroughly clean out the old waste.
2. Restore a healthy environment in the colon. We suggest the use of a probiotic.
3. Diet is KEY to colon health. Limit the amount of processed foods you consume daily.
4. Exercise is an important step to help increase regular bowel movements.
5. Stress plays a crucial role in the health and vitality of our whole being. The colon represents the ability to "let go".

Healthy Eating Habits- Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy Tips:

Our first tip is about WATER, of course! It's our primary tool and our favourite question - "how much water have you been drinking?" But as much as the quantity is important, how and when you drink it is even more important. First, try and sip your water as much as possible. When you drink quickly, that water travels to your kidneys and bladder rather than being absorbed by your other organs. This is why you can be drinking 8 glasses or more a day, but running to the bathroom every hour and still showing as dehydrated during your sessions. Second, try to minimize the amount of fluids (of all kinds) you have with meals. We recommend you stop drinking about 10 minutes before a meal and then do not drink again for an hour or so after a meal. When you have fluids with a meal, you dilute the stomach acid that breaks down your food. As we age, we produce less of that acid, which is why if you're not drinking properly, you can have more heartburn or bloating at 45 than you did when you were 20.